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who had a verified Twitter account before they were available for purchase.

November 2022

A personalized plaque to commemorate your Twitter verification

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7” x 9” plaque
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Actual plaque may vary in style.

Being verified on Twitter used to feel special. But now anyone can get it for eight bucks a month. That's why we're offering beautiful commemorative plaques that immortalize your status as a pre-Musk verified Twitter user. Even if you don't qualify for a new "official" check, your plaque will remain a shining testament to your once-special status as a head of state, entertainment industry luminary, or Vox intern.


How do you determine who is verified?

We took a snapshot of all truly verified Twitter users on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at 12PM PT, before Elon Musk launched the new Twitter Blue. If you are one of the 413,140 people who were verified as of that time on Twitter, you're eligible for a plaque.

How long until I receive my plaque?

We estimate 8 weeks for delivery of your plaque.

Can I return my plaque?

No. Your plaque is custom to your username. There are no returns and no refunds.

Where do you ship?

Plaques are currently only available for shipping in the US.

What do you do with my data when I connect my Twitter account?

We only save your username and user id to create your plaque.

Where should I hang my plaque?

We recommend hanging your plaque somewhere you can see at all times so you can feel better than anyone else.

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Eighty dollars?!?!